Linda Jones       Nathan Jones

Bio Statement

Linda and Nathan Jones are Jewelry and Metal artists who have been working together since meeting in the metals studio at Humboldt State University in the early 90’s. They have lived an “Artists Life” ever since: Nathan taught Jewelry and Metals at Earlham College for 14 years while Linda balanced working in the studio with raising their children.

Linda and Nathan share a studio equipped to compliment their wide range of skill and talent. This allows them to work both collaboratively and separately to produce fine metal artwork ranging from contemporary Silver Jewelry to Teapots, Ladles and other Functional Objects.

The curse of a common name like Jones lead them to work under the studio name Persimmon Metals; persimmons being a metaphor for patience, echoing the time and care required for the exacting detail of their work. Under this name they are juried member of Indiana Artisans. Their work has been included in shows, exhibitions and competitions across the United States. As full time artists they sell their work at select, juried, art fairs and through gallery representation.


Function is craft’s fourth dimension. It acts as an invitation for the audience to explore objects more closely, creating a more personal connection to the work. The handle, as an initial point of contact, most formally extends this invitation. It’s form invites touch and suggests action, drawing the audience in to physical dialog with the object. I am drawn to the festive and ceremonial aspects of serving utensils as well as the wide range of social roles that they can play based on context and material. From the familial quality of heirloom silverware to the reverence of a liturgical object, the act of serving is a central and humble expression. I work in both precious and base metals depending on the mood and circumstance of the piece. The use of wood for handles and bases provide a warm and genial contrast to the cold rigidity of metal.


This jewelry is at once straightforward and sophisticated, graceful and bold, memorable and unexpected; reflecting many of the traits of the modern businesswoman. Familiar geometric shapes exchange a dynamic interplay through unexpected connections and intersecting planes. A matte finish softens the silver to allow the viewer to witness the subtlety and complexity of the forms. Pearl accents imply movement or action while imparting a sense of groundedness and tradition. We are particularly interested in kinetic pieces because they present unique technical challenges for the artist and provide the wearer with a deeper level of interaction and involvement.